Client Testimonials

I was referred to Sally Bybee for a previous family law matter many years ago. She was recommended to me by several other attorneys, including the in-house lawyer at my company. The attorneys who told me about Sally had so much confidence in her, I didn’t even consider using anyone else to represent me. Later, when I needed representation for a divorce, I turned to Sally again. I already knew that we worked well together, so it was an easy choice. Sally is sensitive and a good listener, but also very professional. She helped keep me calm and she got the job done.

My divorce was complex and lengthy, even though my ex-wife and I agreed on the custody of our children. I didn’t want to keep my kids from their mother, but I did want to keep the financial assets I had worked so hard to build up. My ex was determined to fight our prenuptial agreement and hired five different attorneys to help in the process. Sally always went into court prepared and ready to face each new attorney and stuck to our original plan of action. She was up against some very tough opposing counsel, but Sally was on top of her game. She’s been doing this a long time and she knew all the right questions to ask to make sure I was in the best possible position to win.

I didn’t realize how helpful Sally truly was until looking back after my divorce was final. Once it’s all over, you look back and say, ‘Wow, Sally did a great job.’ She represented me through an emotional and difficult divorce and I believe she really set me up for a successful outcome. Sally has the ability to represent anyone and will do a tremendous job for anyone going through a divorce.

-Bob B.

When my marriage fell apart and I needed to file for a divorce, I talked to several attorneys. I knew my situation was unusually complicated and that I was going to be facing some extremely tough opposition. The first few attorneys I spoke to thought I was exaggerating and didn’t seem to take my concerns seriously. Once I met Sally Bybee, I knew I had found the right attorney to represent my interests. She really listened to me and I felt like she understood what I was saying. She was empathetic and concerned, and she got to work immediately.

From the start, Sally nailed down the facts and created a tactical plan for getting the job done. She took a very direct approach and pursued our goals very aggressively every step of the way. Because my ex-husband and I could not communicate rationally about anything, Sally had to work hard to keep things on track. She was persistent and focused, and truly exceptional. For me, the process was grueling and emotional, but Sally never got flustered or bogged down in the mess.

My divorce dragged on for about a year and half, and there were times when I thought it would never be settled and over. Sally was a great source of support and strength throughout the process, and really helped me get through it all. She was absolutely able to handle all the details, and her communication with me was always clear and timely. I never felt like I didn’t know what was going on or what we were doing.

One of the things I appreciated most was that Sally always chose the higher ground. She stuck to the facts and she knew how to apply the law, and never let the extreme emotions I was feeling throw us off course. I have had the opportunity to refer several other people to Sally, and I tell them she’s a real pistol and she’s the one they want to get it done right.

-Anonymous female client

When I needed a family law attorney, I asked another lawyer I knew to recommend someone. He suggested I meet Sally Bybee and spoke very highly of her. He told me she was especially well-suited to handle my delicate situation with some complicated child custody issues.

The single most important issue for me was my daughter and protecting my rights and relationship with her. Sally made sure all our bases were covered, and she really put me in control of the situation. She knew how to get just the right paperwork pulled together in a hurry when my ex-wife was ready to sign. We didn’t waste any time or opportunities, and I know if it wasn’t for Sally, I would still be fighting for custody and spending a fortune in the process.

Sally helped keep things moving along as cooperatively as possible. She has the experience to stand up to intimidation from the other side, and she fights a good battle on behalf of her client. She handled all aspects of the case very thoroughly, and prepared me for each phase so I knew what to expect. Her insights helped me feel prepared and able to hang on for the long haul.

Her years of experience are an important factor and that was reassuring to me. She was always very well prepared for court, and I think that gave us a clear advantage. She told me what I could realistically expect to achieve, and provided guidance that helped me rise above the emotions I was feeling. Her approach was direct and focused and it made all the difference in the end.

-Peter H.

I was fortunate to have Sally Bybee represent me in my divorce. My case involved determining custody of my children, which can add a difficult component to an already emotional situation. Sally helped me define a realistic goal and she didn’t let me waste time fighting battles I couldn’t win. She consistently steered me in the right direction for the best possible outcome.

Her overall confidence and attitude towards the situation made it apparent that she knew what she was doing. The divorce process only lasted three months and was much less stressful than it could have been. Sally helped me stick to the plan which in return allowed me to obtain a better custody arrangement than what I originally expected.

I was so impressed with Sally’s quick results and determination that she is currently representing me in a separate matter. I have had the opportunity to refer her to a friend and will continue to refer Sally to anyone who is looking for an educated, straightforward and honest family law attorney.

-Jason B.

Sally Bybee represented me in a difficult and messy divorce, and I really appreciate the way she helped me get through it. My divorce was one very long emotional roller coaster for me. My ex and I could agree on very little and the situation felt like it was exploding on every front. We even walked out of mediation at one point. But Sally never got bogged down in the turmoil and she didn’t let me lose focus either.

She knew from the start that my kids were my highest priority and she never let me lose sight of that. Ultimately, I just wanted a fair outcome that was in the best interests of my children, but it’s easy to become emotionally and mentally scattered in the midst of a battle. Sally’s direct, no-nonsense approach helped me stay focused on the goal and not waste my time or energy wallowing in emotions. She knew how to rein me back in, offering practical information and wise counsel. I never felt judged or pushed, and I always knew she was truly on my side. She was patient with me, but never let me miss a deadline that could hurt our case.

After it was finally all over, I knew choosing Sally to represent me was absolutely the right decision. She is very straightforward, gets right to the point and made it easy for me to understand my options. She gave me the information I needed to be confident in my decisions and let me set the course.

-Gigi G.

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